What is MemeBank Coin Review? | 5 Powerful Things To Know About

MemeBank Coin & Review

Hello friends, welcome to our blog CoinMarketCity. Today in this post we will tell you what is Memebank Token. And if you want to get more information about it, then you have come to the right post. So, let’s Begin.

What is MemeBank Coin?

MemeBank is a Web3 cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot and futures trading hands tailored to the needs of young investors. As of now, most exchanges have high technical and financial thresholds for new beginners. Our mission is to lower the bar of entry, making investing easy, fun, and profitable for you.

Being the first exchange that utilizes an Al listing system, MemeBank makes early investment opportunities more accessible for our members. Both DEXS and CEXS have their unique shortages. For example, have you ever missed out on some altcoins such as SHIB before they got listed on Binance or other centralized exchanges?

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Features of MemeBank Coin

Free Bitcoin Faucet

Free Bitcoin Faucet allows starters to get a taste of holding Cryptos. Our faucet gives away a sum of $500 USD worth of Bitcoin every hour. In order to prevent bots and cheaters from taking advantage of the pool, users have to manually activate the faucet every 12 hours as a form of “real person” verification. Holding $MBK and referring MemeBank to friends will boost the mining speed of the faucet.

Trading Fee to The Community

Nowadays, most trading fees go to the exchanges. Users have made tremendous contributions by providing liquidity. However, they rarely have a cut in transaction fees. Additionally, holders of platform tokens do not receive any form of dividend either. It is unfair to leave out the users, who are the very pillars of exchange. Unlike existing exchanges, MemeBank aims to become a cryptocurrency exchange platform built upon the concept of Web 3.0. We distribute 100% of trading fees back to the community, allowing the community to share the platform’s growth and profit.


MemeBank seeks to improve upon the shortages of existing CEXS and DEXS. CEXS for one has rigid listing standards which limit the investment options available for users. These standards also reject the listing applications of startup projects at the early stages when they have the highest growth potential. DEXS on the other hand goes to another extreme of risk assessment. Many of the decentralized exchanges literally have no vetting procedures which leaves the door wide open for scams and rug pulls.

MemeBank aims to reach another level of perfection by introducing a “vote-to list” mechanism, where we charge 0 listing fee, projects have to raise a sufficient amount of votes in order to get listed.

The user interfaces of many major exchanges are too professional and redundant which makes them unfriendly to starters. MemeBank, in contrast, is made to be both easy and fun to use. At MemeBank, every listed project has a live chat channel where users can share their thoughts on the project.

A Quick Start

In order to trade at CEXS, users have to complete a series of redundant KYCs such as phone number and email address verification, along with Google authentication. MemeBank allows you to sign in by connecting your wallet; you only need a few clicks to get started.

What is the MemeBank Contact Address?

Here is the MemeBank contact address, Contract: 0xbF19367080c33E8a36c87B979EDc1a5Cd8f47949


What is MemeChain?

Most existing blockchains have high gas fees and suboptimal performances, which makes quantitative trading and derivatives inconvenient to use on blockchain. Our solution is to introduce Memechain which charges almost no gas fee and ensures better performance.

We will launch MemeChain in the future, which has EVM-compatible programmability, the cheapest and highest-performance blockchain. MemeChain will embrace large-scale applications, including games, social, and the Metaverse. Supporting smart contracts, MemeChain’s security ecosystem is built upon a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (“DPOS”) consensus mechanism with 101 validators achieving a millisecond block time.

The purpose of MemeChain is to serve as the infrastructure for the metaverse and will bring all its Web3 development under the umbrella of MetaFi. This will bring together developers and projects from the metaverse along with GameFi and SocialFi.

MBK is the blockchain gas token that “fuels” transactions on MemeChain.


Utility Of MemeBank

$MBK is the backbone of the MemeBank ecosystem, which contains the Exchange platform and MemeChain. We have carefully designed an incentivization mechanism to drive up network effects and demand for $MBK and to decrease its circulating supply.

Discount on Trading Fees

Customers who hold a certain amount of $MBK for a period of time pay lower $MBK trading fees. This will further increase demand for $MBK.

Trading Fee Dividend

$MBK holders will be able to collect the trading fees of MemeBank. 100% of our trading fees will be distributed to the community.

Community Reward

Some of the $MBK tokens will be used for the community, such as airdrops, staking, and liquidity mining.

Eligibility for Memepad

In the future, MemeBank will launch its IEO Platform “MemePad,” in which the $MBK holders are eligible to participate.

Token Burn

One-tenth of all fees generated on MemeBank will be used to buy back $MBK until at least half of the total $MBK is burned.

Use for Blockchain

$MBK is the native token of MemeChain and will be used to pay for the gas, and reward miners, and other stakeholders.


RoadMap Of MemeBank

2022 Q2

  • Early market preparation, and social media marketing campaign.
  • Design product, UI & NFT avatar.
  • Deploy token smart contract.
  • Audit by the third party.
  • Launch presale and airdrop.
  • List on PancakeSwap.
  • Start spot trading.
  • List staking.


For more information, visit MemeBank’s official website. Click Here.

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